CFT Guidance on the Requirement of Remote Learning at Every School Site

Julie Sellers/Kendra Phelps
President & Professionional Issues Rep

CFT Guidance on the Requirement of Remote Learning at Every School Site

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The Superintendent is now requiring all schools to revisit and implement a plan for students who want to remain fully remote within their home school. We are disappointed with the fact that all schools are not receiving the support and resources needed to implement an effective plan. In identifying options to meet the needs of students opting into distance learning at home schools, please ensure that grade level teams determine which of these options they have the time and resources to implement.


  1.  Option One
    1. Teams/Departments are able to identify a specific teacher(s) to continue providing distance learning instruction through Google Meet. (This is only feasible if you have enough remote students to make up a class.)


  1.  Option Two
    1. Distance Learning students engage in classroom instruction through streaming.
      1. Example: Stay on A/ B schedule and stream into and engage instruction on the “in person days” Works best with the proper technology (swivel, extra laptop, headset/ microphone).


  1. If neither of the above options work for the teacher team, they should notify their building administrator so that he/she can communicate with families about the benefits of completing the year at Cincinnati Digital Academy (CDA). Administrators can work with School Social Workers or Resource Coordinators to support families in addressing the concerns/questions they have regarding CDA.


Please direct CDA program questions to Deron Saylor at For additional enrollment questions please call 513-363-2040. Registration and enrollment questions should be answered by the CDA school office or sent to this email address:

If the contact information above is not successful, they can email Monisha House at


  1. If the family is still resistant to enrolling in CDA, the Superintendent is now requiring schools to implement the following plan:
    1. Students will login to the Monday Google Meet teacher session and then do their best to complete the asynchronous work that the teacher has posted for the two days that each group of students works at home independently.  This will serve as the basis for the student grade.
    2. The learning for fully remote students on the two days they would have otherwise attended in-person, will come from the teacher assigning the lessons that the Curriculum Dept. has uploaded into their Schoology Distance Learning Lessons folder. These lessons will e completed independently by students and are for participation only. Teachers should be able to obtain a simple report of student completion. If students or parents have challenges with accessing or understanding the Curriculum Dept. lessons, please refer them to Emily Campbell, Director of Curriculum, at These two days of instruction should not require any additional planning or work for teachers per Emily Campbell and Deputy Superintendent, Tianay Amat. The Superintendent is aware that this is not a quality educational option for effective teaching and learning, but is still requiring it. If any teacher or team is being mandated to implement a plan that requires additional planning and work outside of that which is necessary for the students in the Blended Learning model, they can contact Kendra Phelps ( for support.


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