It’s CFT/CFOP Scholarship Time!

Betsy Shank
Scholarship Committee Chairperson

It’s CFT/CFOP Scholarship Time!

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Scholarship Guidelines 2021


  1. To encourage capable Cincinnati Public School Students to pursue teaching careers,
  2. To increase the number of minority teacher applicants for Cincinnati Public Schools,
  3. To assist the children of Cincinnati Federation of Teachers to obtain a college education; and,
  4. To assist CFOP members who wish to pursue further education leading to a BA/BS degree.


  1. There are two different applications. An application for high school senior STUDENTS of our members and an application for CFOP members returning to school. Please select the correct application.
  2. There must be financial need.
  3. Applicants must be entering college for the first time, except CFOP members pursuing their own education. (CFOP members must take 6-9 credit hours to be considered for a scholarship.)
  4. The parents of applicants must have been CFT/CFOP members for at least one full year.
  5. CFOP applicants must be members for at least one full year.
  6. Applicants must submit a completed electronic CFT/CFOP-Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation (CSF) application (accompanied with the required documentation listed below), identified with the CFT/CFOP logo, no later than APRIL 30, 2021

The following documentation must be uploaded with the application (only applications that include these documents will be eligible for consideration):

  • A minimum of two (2) letters of recommendation
  • Copy of current transcripts
  • One-page typewritten essay explaining why the applicant chose their major and how it will benefit society
  • Copy of Student Aid Report – generated from FAFSA (the summary page that indicates financial need/eligibility)
  • Signed Release/Agreement Form


Scholarships awarded can be used only for tuition, books and/or room and board.

The CFT/CFOP Scholarship Committee will determine the number and amount of scholarships awarded.

The Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation (CSF) administers all CFT/CFOP Scholarship Committee Awards. Once an applicant is notified of the award, they must comply with all CSF procedures for remittance.

Scholarship checks will be sent to the college to which the student is accepted and to which the student has indicated in writing that he/she will attend.

NOTE: CFOP Applicants must fill out the application entitled CFOP Application for College Scholarship. This application is for CFOP members returning to school. If a CFOP member’s child is applying, that child must fill out the application entitled Student Application for College Scholarship.

Questions concerning scholarship(s) should be directed to the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers/CFOP Office at 513-961-2272 or via email at


CFOP Scholarship Application

Student Scholarship Application


Release/Agreement Form

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